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Kissflow Events Demo Day

Exercising Governance Over Citizen Development With A Low-Code Platform

Under 30 mins, learn how to govern: 

  • Applications created across platforms
  • Potential data exposures
  • Access controls
  • User activity

Kissflow eventsApril 30, 2024

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Kissflow Speaker


Senior Product Manager.


Ramachandran is a seasoned Product Manager who transitioned from an engineering background.He brings with him over 7 years of valuable experience in product development, strategy formulation, customer and prospect engagement, and product advocacy. His current role involves managing the Process module of Kissflow, which is the most adopted and a key revenue-generating module of the platform.

What prevents IT from confidently extending low-code no-code (LCNC) platforms to business teams?

Low-code no-code (LCNC) platforms offer a gateway to rapid application development. However, security and privacy concerns often hinder IT from fully embracing these solutions.

Kissflow is a low-code no-code platform that addresses these concerns by providing comprehensive governance mechanisms that will allow business teams to build apps securely. 

From overseeing the creation of applications to meticulously managing access controls and monitoring user activity, Kissflow offers powerful features to help you navigate the LCNC landscape confidently. It also empowers IT teams to implement stringent security measures without compromising on the flexibility provided by LCNC platforms.

Join us for a demo day to witness firsthand how Kissflow streamlines governance and allows organizations to build and manage applications securely.

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