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Getting Your Collaborative Process Off on the Right Foot

You have decided to move forward with a divorce. What is the next step? Let us work together to customize your divorce process. Is the Collaborative Process right for you and who do you need on your team?  We can discuss what you can expect from the professionals you will work with in your divorce.

Who will be at this meeting?  Both spouses/partners and a Collaborative Navigator, a neutral professional who will learn more about your situation and help you design the process to be the best fit for you.

During an informative conversation, we will outline the steps to take and help you find the resources and choose a team that will best support you and your family members during this difficult time.

Goals for this meeting:

  • Promote bringing your “better selves” to your divorce process. 
  • Address your emotional well-being as well as your financial needs.
  • Be in the “driver’s seat” for all important decisions ahead.
  • If you have children, support a healthy co-parenting relationship and set the foundation for developing an effective parenting plan tailored to the needs of your children.
  • Determine the composition of your team and the next steps in the process.

Get in touch with one of our Collaborative Navigators to set a date and time for your meeting:

In Marin County:

Ann Buscho  (415) 456-0952 or

Ann Cerney  (630) 733-1328 or

Liz Salin  (415) 457-2206 or

In Sonoma County:

Ann Cerney  (630) 733-1328 or

Tina Chase  415-383-5122 or

Randy Cheek  707-778-1720 or

Jeff Kahn   707-546-4349 or

The fee for the Navigator Process is $400.