Divorce: Supporting Your Child’s Relationship with Your Other Parent.

Divorce is a difficult and emotional process for both the spouses and the children involved. When parents decide to separate, it is important for them to recognize the impact it can have on their children, and to make an effort to support their relationship with the other parent.

Am I Receiving the Right Amount of Child Support?

Remember that the right amount of child support, is not always what a computer program comes up with.  The better description might be the amount that will meet the reasonable needs of your children without causing significant detriment to the person paying or receiving it.   

Child Specialist’s Role in the Collaborative Divorce Process

Child Specialist’s Role in the Collaborative Divorce Process The Child Specialist (CS) is a neutral party in the Collaborative Divorce process and provides insight into the experience of the children in coping with the divorce.  With the Coaches, the CS can help...

Helping Your Children with Change – Back to School

Your children are about to go or have just gone back to school which creates many chances to help them get used to switching gears, remembering or learning new routines, and dealing with some inevitable reaction to things changing from summer schedule to fall.  Back...

What if I Want my Children to Know That I Did Not Want a Divorce?

Oftentimes, collaborative family professionals and child therapists encourage parents to speak in one voice when discussing divorce with their children. Children do best when they feel loved and cared for by both parents. It is certainly true that if one parent...